Skynet-Pro T-Extreme

It combines carbon strength and rigidity, fibreglass flexibility and soft and comfortable touch of EVA foam incorporating that also includes other materials such as Kevlar a very rigid and tough material.

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204,13 €

Future technology


Distribution of weights in the design of the padel racket to achieve the supreme control of the ball.


Laminated carbon reinforcement in different zones of the front of the padel racket that grants us a great tender point even in off-centre shots.


EVA foam of high elasticity used to achieve the supreme confort when shotting.


Use of the latest carbon as much in the core as in the frame of the padel racket.

3k Bi - Carbon - Core

Double layer of the latest carbon covering the both sides of the padel racket to get the highest durability. It also generates a greater consistence and touch in shots.


Double layer of fibreglass in both sides of the racket to achieve the máximum shotting convenience without losing consistency and getting more durability.

Made in Spain

100% manufactured in Spain.

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Its teardrop format offers a high balance that favours the power with which the ball bounces while its core reincorporates an EVA foam to achieve a soft touch that facilitates a more comfortable game.

The main innovation is, nevertheless, in the finishing touches, we speak about the design but also about other details like the most rounded form of the area of the frame to obtain a more homogeneous union of the whole racket to be able to reduce possible damages in this area, the most fragile, in order to increase the comfort in the game but also its durability.

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