It will be the fire of the new Drako-Fast that manages to be one of the most potent padel rackets of Viral Padel. Do not hesitate to take it to the court if you are looking for a perfect control and aggressive power.

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Future technology


Distribution of weights in the design of the padel racket to achieve the supreme control of the ball.


Laminated carbon reinforcement in different zones of the front of the padel racket that grants us a great tender point even in off-centre shots.


Use of latest carbón supporting structure to achieve the highest stiffness and resistance keeping a great deal of lightness.


EVA foam of high elasticity used to achieve the supreme confort when shotting.


Use of the latest carbon as much in the core as in the frame of the padel racket.

Carbón Core

Laminated carbon core. It is used to obtain tha máximum power without losing control and hitting feeling.

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 Made entirely of carbon and round shape. This model is focused on advanced-professional level players.

The Drako-Fast is an essentially aggressive model, very strong to handle the attacking points in the difficult balls, and at the same time lets see all the control to be able to direct with precision complicated balls that come from the other side of the court with great speed. Its composition, the medium-high hardness foam and the use of a greater amount of carbon makes each hit transmit more sensations to the player.

It has excellent innovations as its double tubular system with its bitube Carbon Frame technology.

All this provides greater precision in hittings and great stiffness and hardness that is perfect for the most punching players.

In addition, the rough finishing touch of the racket allows the ball to be in contact with the racket more time, favouring the effect taking.

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